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    P.Z Myers (no this isn’t an ID post) has an interesting post up in which he blasts Richard Cohen for being anti-algebra. I’m not sure that Myers or Cohen are entirely correct. Myers seems to have no sympathy for a girl who failed algebra six times trying to satisfy a HS diploma requirement, and Cohen seems to see no value whatsoever in algebra. It’s an interesting debate. If you’re going to follow the links, I suggest starting with Cohen’s WaPo column and then Myers’ response. And make sure you read the comments on Pharyngula.

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    February 17th, 2006
    at 11:39 am

    I have to seriously question the reasons she failed it after taking the same course *six* times. Perhaps it’s a complex math problem, but it sure doesn’t seem to add up to me. Too many missing variables in this story to jump up and start preaching.

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    February 18th, 2006
    at 2:32 am

    I am going to be able to begin to go back to school soon to study engineering (I thought my art-student partner was NEVER going to get within sight of graduation, lol). But because I concentrated on music in high school and what little college I managed to take before, math was never stressed.

    I am hurting so badly in the math area, and my bad attitude toward factoring polynomials is no help (“Guess?” Guessing is not math!!)…

    Where can a gal who is objectively way above average in intelligence GO to learn the necessary new algebra and calculus tricks she missed before?

    Any engineers in the audience want to make a little extra money tutoring a 39-year-old engineering-groupie chick? I’m serious.