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    The Chronicle of Higher Education is coming out next month with a special issue on “the interplay between primary, secondary, and higher education.”

    School & College will examine how well (or not so well) America is preparing its young people to make the most of a college education. School & College will look into the ways in which society is dealing with the issues that will determine the future of education — day to day, year to year, kindergarten through college.

    The issue will include articles that explore how much or how little cooperation there is between schools and colleges; why colleges think schools are failing — and vice versa; whether schools and colleges are meeting the needs of businesses and society; what state governments are doing to coordinate reform efforts to improve the preparation of college students; and whether education schools part of the answer or part of the problem.

    School & College will bring together people who often talk past each other: leaders of school districts; high-school principals and teachers; college presidents, provosts, and professors; key people in education schools; government officials; and leaders of community organizations, foundations, and think tanks.

    It’s free.

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