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    LttE of the NitWit Times:

    What you call lax laws on home-schooling, I call freedom. Do you actually believe the laws would stop at testing? Seat belt laws have gotten so restrictive that now it is difficult to car pool or even own a vehicle big enough for all the car seats if you dare go against popular opinion and have more than two children.

    Your recommendation for testing is based on “all too often,” not a statistic. What does a vague “too often” mean?

    Twenty-two percent of Indiana public high school graduates graduate from college. This is not exactly a promising statistic to attract people to our state or retain those we already have. Public schools should concentrate on students whose parents have entrusted their children to them and not on coercing home-schoolers into the system. Please leave our freedoms alone.

    Real information on home-schooling can be obtained by attending the Indiana Association of Home Educators in Indianapolis in March.

    Also, thank you for letting me know who not to vote for in the next election. By the way, home-schooled graduates have a very high percentage of voter turnout.

    Laurie Guess, Kouts

    I’m pretty sure she’s responding to the editorial I blogged a while back.

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