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    WHAT 13TH AMENDMENT? I saw this TownHall.com column earlier and meant to blog it but Nicholas Provenzo beat me to it and does a fine job.

    Mackenzie issues a call for mandatory universal service for America’s youth. “Compulsory universal service—one year with an eight-week military component, men and women, no exceptions except for physical or mental incapacity—would work miracles for this beleaguered nation’s heart and soul.” Mackenzie quotes Ted Sorensen, John Kennedy’s former speechwriter, addressing young people: “For at least part of your life, part of the time, give something back to this country. Put service ahead of self. Try it. You’ll like it.”

    Oh, really? Put service ahead of self? Rather than save the nation’s heart and soul, I think compulsory universal service would destroy it.

    Compulsory Universal Service sounds an awful lot like the terrible mandatory volunteerism being foist on some students as a high school graduation requirement.

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