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    Cavalor at Hell’s leading daily defends the honor of one of his reporters and homeschooling in general. We’ve made a convert:

    My greatest duty is to come to the aid of my reporters, researchers and editors when I am certain they are right. Let me make myself clear that I was dumb, bloody well ignorant of homeschooling save for the few negative reports that one would get in the MSM between the marriages and pregnancies and/ or divorces of Hollywood stars. If these be stars then charcoal is like diamond here in Hell. Suffice the matter said that I stand behind the words of Diane Tomlinson and her ad hominem, but spot on commentary on The Hoe thus demanding that I would have to take this time to clarify with an opining of my own.

    …And for the record here in Hell I was just a political writer who lucked into the best newspaper job in the afterlife. I agree with the homeschooling movement by people who don’t want to raise their children to be doped up, bullied, disassociated automatons by the public school failed system which has been hijacked by pedophiles and fundies, or harm them by painting the world as something it is not (i.e. the property and sovereign homeland to be lorded over by a superior race to which they belong see Lamb and Lynx the Himmler twins). I merely think that it is a better way after doing the research I was converted from being a naysayer to a hopeful believer.

    Now that made my day.

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    April 22nd, 2006
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    Think we ought to tell Cav & Co. about breast-feeding, attachment parenting, and natural childbirth? 🙂