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    I’m going to quote this piece in its entirety:

    A home schooler is being banned from attending a Kentucky high school prom.

    Leila Stout says her boyfriend of two years was going to drive up from Georgia to take her to his senior prom at Reidland High School. But the handbook says dates who don’t attend the school have to be screened and home schoolers are not allowed to go to prom.

    Leila says, “According to Kentucky law actually, home schooling and private schooling is considered the same thing. So if someone from a private school is allowed to go to our prom, someone from a home school should be able to go as well.”

    School officials are in the process of reviewing the policy and making a final decision, but Stout says she’s still going to the prom in her dream dress no matter what!

    What a dumb policy.

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    April 26th, 2006
    at 1:07 pm

    My private school (all girls) had a different version of screening dates for dances. Before buying a ticket, you had to provide your date’s name, their parents’ names and a telelphone number they could be reached at during the dance (your parents’ names and phone numbers were required as well).

    The girls signature and her parents signature were also required. This signature meant that you accepted responsibility for the actions of your date (i.e. one date showed up drunk, cops were called both members of the couple given breathilizers. even though she had no alcohol in her system, the school suspended her as if she was the one who was drunk because her date was).

    At least what school they went to didn’t matter.