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    First the bad:

    A Marion woman was convicted of allowing a 15-year-old within her custody to remain truant almost the entirety of a school year.

    Williamson County Judge Ronald Eckiss on Wednesday found Kim Harris, of Marion, guilty of knowingly and willfully permitting her son to persist in truancy throughout the 2004-05 school year.

    …The child had been truant from home-schooling from Oct. 8, 2004, to March 28, 2005, Garnati said.

    Truant from home-schooling? Now there’s an intriguing idea.

    OK, now for the good quote:

    [Williamson County State’s Attorney Charles] Garnati said he believes the majority of Williamson County parents who are home-schooling children provide a satisfactory education. Harris was the exception and not the rule, Garnati said.

    “I’m not against home-schooling in any way,” Garnati said. “In my opinion, 99.9 percent of parents who home-school do a great job. It’s a legitimate form of education. In this case, she was using home-schooling as an excuse.”

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    May 27th, 2006
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    hmmm…this is interesting. So next time my kids are effectively doing nothing, I should charge them with Truancy! As a punishment, I’ll make them read the dictionary and perform 20 hours of ‘community service’ by doing the laundry! Woohooo!