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    ANOTHER OPTION Here’s a Letter to the Editor that appears in today’s Oregonian:

    Our family read Rene Denfeld’s Commentary article about struggling public schools, “Fading fast” (Dec. 1), with interest.

    We have felt similarly. We spent many hours volunteering and advocating, not to mention helping our children with schoolwork. We listened to our children’s complaints about overcrowding and other problems.

    Moving or private school were not options for us. In our frustration, we stumbled upon another option: home schooling. While our children were attending public school, we read every book we could find on the subject. We did a dry run over the summer to see if this would work for us.

    We now accomplish more daily in the home setting than was done at public school and have the freedom to explore subjects that there is no time or funding for in public school.

    Home schooling is a viable option that parents should at least consider.


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