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    The LotD (from a g-school grad, I presume):

    Put losing candidate in line to become next president

    Attorney Richard Albert feels that there is a need to change the manner in which we choose our vice presidents. Here is another idea, a completely different one:

    Our present (for all practical purposes) two-party system has demonstrated that the party in power usually is more interested in what is good for the party than what’s good for the country.

    The most important thing, even from before the inauguration, seems to be ensuring that the next election be won. Suppose that we were not to elect a vice president. Suppose that the losing presidential candidate with the most votes were to become our new vice president.

    I certainly have not thought out all the ramifications, and there are probably at least a dozen reasons why this would not work at all, but it seems to me that it might just force the president and the vice president to work together for the good of the nation, and that the role of the party would be diminished, at least until the next election.

    One obvious snag would be the succession of power in the event that the president dies or is forced from office. In spite of all the faults of the present system, this has not been a problem in recent times. In England, for example, the leader of the opposition does not assume power if the prime minister should die in office — the ruling party elects a new one, and that system also works well.

    Benjamin K. Raphael, Newark

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    That whirring sound you hear is G. Santayana spinning in his grave.