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    And speaking about reality vs. perception, here’s some more from one of the leaders of NCHE:

    I am sorry to read you are appalled by NCHE’s policy. Personally, I am not offended by your comments and therefore trust you will not be offended by my comments/viewpoints.

    1. NC homeschool law is the best/easiest in the nation BECAUSE of relationships NCHE has with legislators and DNPE. Thanks to the MD experience, we learned how to work behind the scenes better than the MD group. Thus, for 10 years now, this system has worked. You are absolutely correct that legislators/DNPE will come and go based on elections, etc hence the reason why we monitor, remain vigilant, and stay connected with our elected leaders who have the power to change the law. Why you don’t see the value of relationships in a political sense is beyond me, I guess. But that’s fine, we all have different perspectives, values, and priorities.

    2. All NCHE board members are members of HSLDA and quite frankly, this is the ONLY issue we disagree on. I think that says a lot about how both work together to support homeschooling on a national and state level. Just as they catch legal issues we miss sometimes, they likewise miss issues occurring in NC sometimes i.e…the near passage of placing NC homeschoolers under the authority of the NC Public School Administration (biblically, this is not much different than disagreements Paul and Barnabas had at times). The NCHE board prayerfully considers this position every year and are always open to a different viewpoint, there are plenty on the board. At this point, we have not seen a need to change what we consider a good defense but as you stated, times and legislators change, so we will remain vigilant.

    3. I am sorry if you felt “threatened” by my mere suggestion of another possible outcome of following the “law to the letter.” However, I could say that I felt just as threatened by your example of what occurred in MD. I just wanted to merely suggest another possible result and action, that has been revealed to NCHE by inside sources, if everyone followed the law to the letter. I believe both the MD example and the strict compliance with the law could lead to more homeschool laws in NC IF people like you, me, NC homeschoolers, NCHE and HSLDA do not remain vigilant. Believe me, there is not one board member of NCHE who rest or not march on Raleigh if any change was pending on the NC homeschool law. Myself, I do not find it “burdensome” to submit by mail, my choice, my opinion.

    4. The NCHE, nor I, are against you for not submitting by mail…your choice. Our promotion of the submission is strictly due to inside info that tells us that this voluntary approach has kept the anti-homeschool/NEA groups at bay. Why would anyone ignore advice from lawmakers who tell us this mail process helps them to help us? Again, we will probably have to agree to disagree.

    5. Last, your concluding paragraph is a bit naive if you think that you don’t need friends in Raleigh or the legislature. Homeschoolers are a definite minority of the vote in NC, let alone the country, and it is by the grace of God that we fend off the 2-3 bills that are entered every year in NC that seek to restrict or regulate homeschoolers more in NC. You are right, people need to know the law but people also need to know that most legislators are never satisfied to make a law and then not make amendments to it. State laws, national laws are constantly being amended as you know and if you like to have a run down about all the laws that NCHE has thwarted for the past 20 years, please let me know. I have lived in PA, NY and know how restrictive homeschool laws can be and tough it is to homeschool in those states. That is why I’m extremely thankful unto God I was moved here to educate my children. There is nothing I, nor the rest of the NCHE board would do to jeopardize the freedoms we have to homeschool in NC. I am just sorry to read that you think we bully or scare NC homeschoolers…nothing could be further from the truth.

    6. I enjoy debate and this is more than I wanted to write but I thought I needed to respond to some of your comments, just as you responded to mine. If there are more details I can provide for you, PLEASE let me know.

    Respectfully, Scott Anderson, NICHE Director, HOME member

    Where does this mythology that NC has excellent homeschooling laws come from? I keep hearing it, and it just isn’t true. Off the top of my head I can name three states on the East Coast that have better laws (DE, NJ, and CT if anyone’s asking). Yeah, he’s homeschooled in three states, two of which happen to be the worst in the country. So, sure, by comparison NC looks great. Except last time I checked there were 50 stars on the flag.

    And, yes, he has been guilty of trying to scare homeschoolers into over-complying.

    It appears the leadership of NCHE is badly in need of a shake-up (not that I’m volunteering).

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