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    I’ll be interested to read this study when it’s published:

    In separate research that Kleinfeld is also preparing for publication, she has possibly gotten to the root of the problem.

    “Here’s a fascinating fact,” she said. “There is no literacy gap in home-schooled boys and girls.”

    “Why? In school, teachers emphasize reading literature and talking about character and feelings,” she said. “This way of teaching reading does not turn boys on. Boys prefer reading nonfiction, such as history and adventure books. When they are taught at home, parents are more likely to let them follow their interests.”

    I imagine that last ‘graf is conjecture, but the previous one ought to be easy enough to check.

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    Comment by
    Scott Somerville
    July 19th, 2006
    at 5:00 pm

    There are states which require standardized testing of all homeschoolers. South Dakota had a law that required the Department of Education to collect the data and report the aggregate scores. It drove the Department so nuts that they agreed to get rid of a lot of the testing requirements!

    If you have a state which requires standardized testing for all homeschoolers across the board, the Bob Jones University Press testing service has done “roll ups” of their data from their customers. This gives a broad cross-section of the Evangelical homeschoolers (no discrimination on the basis of class or gender, just on the basis of who gets freaked out by Bob Jones).

    The BJU data are hard to argue with in states where testing is universally required, like GA, MN, etc. It’s not as reliable in a state where testing is optional.

    If you compare BJU data on boys and girls in MN and GA, you should get clean results… at least for Evangelicals.