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    Google found this swipe at home education from a business school student:

    As I have always asserted, an all rounder will sail higher up than any particular person with specialized skill sets. So what foreign education especially in western countries teaches you is the ability to be a well rounded individual apart from being good at whatever you are learning.

    This changes you as a human being. It brings in those responsibilities in your life, which you wouldn’t have even dreamt about if you would have studied in your home country. I am not trying to say that home education is inferior in any ways, but I just want to claim that it doesn’t make you as much well rounded as you would want yourself to be.

    Then again, he started the essay with these profound words:

    What’s a change? An object or an entity which gets transformed may be, possibly, into a better state of being or existence. Change is something which is never constant. That’s why it’s called change else it would be something else.

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    July 19th, 2006
    at 11:55 pm

    ohm, maybe I’m misreading his essay, but isn’t he using ‘home education’ to mean that you never go to school in a foreign country?