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    I don’t know Illinois home education law well enough to say if this fits the legal defintion, but it sure doesn’t sound like any homeschool I’ve ever heard of:

    A small community home school for middle school-aged black boys will begin classes next month, with the aim of providing an education that sets high expectations and accommodates individual learning styles.

    Leigh Estabrook of Champaign and William and Lori Patterson of Urbana founded the Campus Academy, which will begin classes Aug. 23 for six to eight students.

    …The curriculum for the Campus Academy will include core classes in math, science, computer technology, foreign language, social studies, language arts, Latin and critical thinking.

    The school now has four volunteer teachers: Carl Estabrook, a retired history and sociology professor; and three UI graduate and professional students. The school is searching for a head teacher, which will be a paid position.

    A paid “administrator” and several volunteers who don’t have kids in the program? Sure sounds like a private school to me.

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