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    This is one of the dumber quotes in support of early incarceration indoctrination schooling:

    To Tina Hawkins of Auburn-Gresham, a child of 5 should be off to kindergarten.

    “A parent has got to let go, let the child leave the nest. The wing age is definitely 5 years old,” said Hawkins, 42, a mother of five, whose son Gabriel began kindergarten this month at year-round Cuffe Academy.

    And if the state wanted to make the coumpulsory attendance age 2, I have no doubt that Ms. Hawkins’ kids would be ready to fly at 23 months.

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    July 30th, 2006
    at 1:45 pm

    I also liked her quote that ended the article.

    “They had already been preschooled. Whatever they might have been lacking, I trusted they would get in kindergarten,” she said. “It’s that all-important grade where they learn to fly.”

    She expects kids to fly when they’ve been getting their wings clipped for years learning how to go to school. Is preschool where you learn how to learn how to fly?