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    Always demanding separation of church and state (Passwords– HEOS1234@mailinator.com, HEOS1234). Why don’t they just move out and leave the country state county to all of the bigots good God-fearing people?

    A Texas County family filed a religious discrimination lawsuit Friday in federal court in Oklahoma City.

    The suit names Hardesty Public Schools, Texas County, the town of Hardesty and a dozen people accused of discriminating against Chester and Nadia Smalkowski and their two children because they are atheists.

    …The lawsuit contends school officials removed Smalkowski’s daughter from the girls basketball team in November 2004 after she refused to participate in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer at the coach’s direction. They used false accusations as a pretext for the move, the lawsuit states.

    Chester Smalkowski ended up facing a felony count of aggravated assault and battery after meeting with the school principal about his daughter’s dismissal from the team.

    The principal accused Smalkowski of assaulting him, but he was acquitted of that charge by a Texas County jury in June.

    The lawsuit alleges the principal attacked Smalkowski, then falsely accused him.

    Smalkowski contends he was prosecuted because of his religious beliefs, according to the lawsuit. Authorities offered to drop the charges if he and his family left Texas County.

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