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    It’s a two-fer. And they’re not even from the Fayetteville Observer.

    All’s fair in love and war, even the current Iraq crisis

    After reading David Broder’s column, “A Catch-22 in the Middle East Wars,” the thought came to mind that our government is always asking our military to fight these wars with one hand tied behind them.

    Our so-called leaders seem to have not learned anything over the past 60 years since World War II. Our country, along with our allies, fought that war without much thought, if any, to being fair.

    We weren’t out to defeat the German and Japanese military only. We ripped into their countries. We destroyed their industries, farms, roads, bridges, and infrastructures.

    We mercilessly killed civilians by the hundreds of thousands in the attempt to demoralize them and take away their ability to fight. We fire bombed their cities, day and night. We almost starved them into submission. In the end, in Japan, we finally nuked them.

    I have been against this war since our president called for it. Up until then and after “9/11,” Bush was my hero. He hit back at al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan and I was 100 percent in his corner, including most of the civilized world.

    But he became obsessed with Iraq. Now, as in Vietnam, we are asking our young soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors to fight those insurgents, but not to hurt the civilians.

    William A. Couch, Lincoln

    So, is he against the war in Iraq because we’re not firebombing Bagdhad and nuking Fallujah?

    Liberals want to destroy us, don’t want America to prosper

    Finally, a journalist admits to the sophist views of its immature cadre in the August 7th letter from Patrice Leonard.

    The public admission was stunning but well known. Failure of the press corps by its practice of specious reasoning and personal bias has resulted in plunging readership for several years. That and their moral relativism would be a danger if it were not so blatant and laughable.

    They may continue to side with and make excuses for those wanting to destroy us, but I choose the side wanting to keep America a vibrant republic for its many citizens. They should be very careful as they choose their bias.

    Richard Spencer, Frankford

    If one can consider blogging “journalism,” then I am a journalist wholeheartedly opposed to the war. I want the jihaddis to win. And I hate democracy.

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