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    Geez! Bribing teachers so that they’ll try to drag our kids back into the system:

    “We want kids in Mason County schools,” said Superintendent Tim Moore. “We’re trying to reduce dropout rate.”

    Moore said teachers who visit students who leave the school system and convince them to return will receive a certain amount of funds to be used for technology in their classroom. The idea behind the technology incentives would be to reward teachers who make an extra effort to target students who have dropped out or opted to be home-schooled.

    “Education is more than learning in books,” Moore said about the home-schooling options, adding the social aspects of school are important as well.

    Moore said the idea behind the technology incentives is not to lure students away from other schooling options, such as privates schools or other public schools in other counties.

    “This has to do with kids who’ve dropped out … or are home-schooled,” Moore said.

    The whole piece is just plain awful.

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    Comment by
    JJ Ross
    August 21st, 2006
    at 7:29 pm

    (with feeling) Agree, it’s awful!

    Best shot I’ve taken lately at this kind of “liberal” public school thought. . .

    Comment by
    Andrea R. in Missouri
    August 22nd, 2006
    at 2:16 am

    Yes, education is more than learning in books. They are right about that which is one of the reasons we homeschool.

    I am so sick of the S word already. If my child gets any more social activities going we really won’t have time for school. Or laundry. Or sleep.

    Comment by
    Nance Confer
    August 22nd, 2006
    at 9:51 am

    I want to be the parent of the child in the next classroom. The one where the teacher did not spend her spare time dragging hsers back to ps. The one who didn’t get the extra computer or software.

    Then I want to have a meeting with the principal and the school board and the local newspaper about why my child is being deprived of these learning tools.


    Comment by
    August 22nd, 2006
    at 10:12 am

    “We’re trying to reduce dropout rate.”

    Ah yes, because it’s all about numbers, not actual children.

    Reminds of what they did here – increase the compulsory age to 17, then raise the age you can take the GED to 19. In a year, release a statement saying how you’re so good, you’ve lowered the dropout rate. :-/

    Comment by
    August 22nd, 2006
    at 9:09 pm

    Why am I not surprised?