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    I wrote the first sentence.

    The question: As the 82nd Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade heads overseas, and deployments continue to be almost routine at Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base, what can residents of this community do to support our troops and their families?
    Bring troops home

    By Daryl Cobranchi

    Vote for politicians who pledge to bring ’em home. Soon!

    Show support by marching in protest

    The simple answer to your question is what residents have always done. Why ask a question which has such an obvious answer?

    Signs and bumper stickers that read “We Support Our Troops” are everywhere. Why? The fact that we support our troops is as understood as the fact that we love our children. But do we see “We Love Our Children” signs everywhere?

    Citizens’ need to post “We Support Our Troops” signs obviously comes from a desire to separate themselves from “unpatriotic America and troop hating” non-supporters. Yet, such non-supporters exist only in the minds of those deceived by the clever political spin of political leaders and spokesmen who have never served in harm’s way, if they have ever served in our military at all, but continually justify their decision to send our troops into conditions they have never, and would never, enter themselves, or send their own children into.

    According to the Observer’s Aug. 12 editorial, “Home Rule,” if passed, “a provision slipped into the defense authorization bill” would allow presidents to “enjoy almost exclusive control over the National Guard.” Of course, our National Guard was “federalized” when the current administration decided to cut and run to Iraq, rather than stay the course and deal with our nation’s real problem in Afghanistan, now wasn’t it?

    What can we do to support our troops and their families? According to an Aug. 12 Associated Press article, some 700 supporters of our troops and their families marched in protest in Kennebunkport, Maine, while Bush, who like the rest of his administration has never served in harm’s way, enjoyed “a little relaxation.” Are our troops in Iraq “relaxed”?

    What can we do? Actively demand that the relaxing “decider” decide to remove our troops from the altar of oil and war profiteering!

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