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    Sherri Husk wouldn’t be a good candidate for Dr. Phil’s show; she makes way too much sense:

    I just read Tom Huskey’s Sept. 5 letter “No to home-schooling” and would like to share some information.

    I participate in both public school and home schooling. I have a son who is a junior at Grissom and I home-school two children with Covenant Christian Academy. I am a certified teacher (in three states), and almost everyone I know who home-schools also has a college degree.

    Last year’s graduating class (55 students) from Covenant included seven National Merit Finalists and six National Merit Commended Scholars. One of those students, Carter Pelham, scored a perfect 36 on his ACT test.

    Many received Presidential Scholarships from their chosen universities.

    My daughter is a Presidential Scholarship recipient who rooms in the Honors Dorm with another Presidential Scholar from Grissom. One received a home-school education; the other received a public school education, yet they ended up in the same place.

    I don’t believe there is one “right way” for a child to be educated. We have chosen private, public and home schooling at different times in each child’s life for different reasons.

    While I agree with Huskey that there are “wonderful” aspects to our school system, I don’t agree that our school system is a perfect fit for each child.

    Likewise, home schooling is not for everyone. Those of us who choose this road make great sacrifices for the benefit of our children.

    Sherri T. Busk,

    Huntsville, 35803

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    Comment by
    JJ Ross
    September 10th, 2006
    at 9:03 am

    So she doesn’t believe in one right “method” but she seems to have one right “result” very firmly in mind, measured on one scale and monitored and adjudicated by the certificated class. Whew!

    Methinks Dr. Phil might actually buy that . . .

    But what then, would they think of unschooled kids like mine, left cold by academic grading and prize competition compared to the thrill of all that goes on inside their own heads and lives? That they weren’t properly educated?

    Comment by
    Nance Confer
    September 10th, 2006
    at 9:18 am

    Obviously, a neglected failure! 🙂

    As are mine.

    Not only do my kids not want to perform for others. I don’t have to prove my worth as a parent and theirs as people using the “how big a scholarship did they get” method.


    Comment by
    JJ Ross
    September 10th, 2006
    at 12:08 pm

    Hey Nance, remember that “Smartest Kid in America” tv competition that Dick Clark Productions persuaded us to test Favorite Daughter for as a con-TEST-ant, when she was 10 or so? I hadn’t thought about that in so long. Wonder if I can find the letters I wrote them both before and after, trying to explain what was wrong with their un-smart definition of “smart kid” . . .

    Comment by
    September 10th, 2006
    at 1:44 pm

    So what does her letter tell people about homeschooling parents who are not teachers and don’t have a college degree? Whose happy, functional, and productive kids don’t wind up in a certified academic honors program? Hooray for her, she has bright and shiny children by the standards of the Establishment.

    It seems to me that she’s looking less for vindication for homeschooling than she is wagging her tail, wetting the floor, and whining, “I’m just as good as you government school advocates, seeeeeee?”

    Comment by
    September 10th, 2006
    at 7:55 pm

    We’ve all got college degrees? Hmmm, must’ve misplaced my degree somewhere — along with that teaching certificate.

    I don’t mean to dis people with college degrees, because people do work hard to get them. But, just as there’s no ‘one right way’ for the kiddos, the homeschooling evidence is that there doesn’t seem to be one for the folks, either. (whew!)