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    Completely OT but I can’t resist the unintended irony:

    Including readers’ responses will turn paper into tabloid

    I recently discovered The News Journal Web site is now allowing the “average person” to post comments on articles that list just below the article. I am bothered by this.

    I look at The News Journal site for the latest update for local news. I really don’t care what someone’s opinion is on the article. The comments I have seen are very immature and uneducated. This is pushing The News Journal into tabloid status. I am sure I am like most people who want the facts and legitimate information on the news stories, not the general public’s opinion.

    Some of these comments are very insensitive. There are people related to the persons involved in the article who read it. Let’s stick to the facts and let the news develop from the professionals being paid to write the stories and follow-up articles. Everyone has a different point of view and opinion but we don’t need to hear all of it.

    Laura-Jane Hesslink, New Castle

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    Nance Confer
    September 16th, 2006
    at 2:36 pm

    Too bad someone is breaking into her house and forcing her to read all these disgusting posts!