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    I think this movie won’t be on my Blockbuster.com queue any time soon.

    Small-budget film seen as big hit with Christian audiences

    In the church-made, feature-length movie, “Facing the Giants,” the Shiloh Christian Academy Eagles are facing the Richmond Giants in the state high school football championship game.

    Time is running out, the Eagles trail 23-21, and Shiloh’s starting kicker goes down with an injury. With two seconds left to play, the Eagles’ back-up kicker, David Childers, is sent in to face Goliath, er, the Giants, to attempt a 51-yard field goal against a brisk wind.

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    September 22nd, 2006
    at 8:59 am

    Content strictly aside, I think it’s cool. Small group, small budget, unambitious script, opportunity for the market to react. Cute take on a Bible story, anyway. I do wonder if even religious consumers in this culture are, on the whole, too sophisticated to take this seriously. I personally read it as the kind of thing a high school film club might do, given enough money.