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    Gridlock is good:

    Republican policies favor corporations

    After years of one-party rule by the Republicans, let this moderate independent voter review what we’ve gotten for letting them control all three branches.

    Their policies have always favored corporations over people; they’ve made no secret about that. Their smaller-government philosophy has trumped the Preamble’s general welfare clause. We suffer at the pumps while Cheney’s energy policy gives $16 billion to oil companies for “incentives and research.” Their idea of a free market at work is for unrestrained capitalism to reign, because, of course, corporations have our best interests in mind.

    This rubber-stamp, lockstep Congress has given Bush almost everything on the neoconservative wish list. He has appointed the biggest polluters to the mining commission, put lobbyists in charge of the various environmental agencies and generally is selling off every facet of government to the corporate world. They let the pharmaceutical companies basically write the Medicare bill, the oil companies write the energy bill, polluters write their own rules and if they had their own way, Social Security would be controlled by the Wall Street churners.

    They serve mammon while posing as the party of moral values, but overlook Jesus’ admonitions concerning war (“Blessed are the peacemakers,” “live by the sword, die by the sword”), taxes (“Render unto Caesar,” “to whom much is given, much will be required”) and the death penalty (“let the sinless cast the first stone”).

    Divided government seems the only way to ensure rule by cooperation and consensus. Let’s clean house.

    M. Victor Highsmith

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