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    I haven’t written about them because I don’t know anything about German law or society. And I suspect that the people on this side of the Atlantic who are attempting to scare the sheeple don’t either. So, I’m merely reporting the fact that they appealed to the European Human Rights Court and lost. I expect that this will mean the end of the world is nigh and that the black helicopters (or is it U.N. blue) are soon going to swoop down and drag our kids off to be indoctrinated in the g-schools.

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    Nance Confer
    September 28th, 2006
    at 10:11 am

    I can’t do the end of the world today, Daryl. I’m busy and I have a sinus cold. Another day? 🙂


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    September 29th, 2006
    at 12:18 am

    This is old news and has been going on for over 4 years. The folks being *supposedly* harassed in Germany are the Twelve Tribes CULT. According to the Twelve Tribes (and the multitude of other names they’ve had in the last 30 years), freeing children from guilt and keeping their minds pure is a critical necessity. For this reason, teachings instruct that children not play with toys, play imaginary or fantasy games, have candy, or watch television or movies, although they are encouraged to play with building blocks, carpentry tools, and sewing kits. Children who disobey these rules are to be spanked with a rod. That includes infants and toddlers!

    Just so folks know who they are dealing with, I am appending some quotes from their illustrious leader:

    “It is horrible that someone would rise up to abolish slavery. What a
    marvelous opportunity that blacks could be brought over here to be slaves.”

    “No Jew living today outside Palestine has any true backbone nor do they have any right to speak about ‘God’ or ‘their nation’ or ‘the twelve tribes.'”

    “Are we making choices that will ruin our children? We can misuse things: air conditioners, etc. If we have an air conditioner and we don’t know when to turn it on and when to keep it off, we’ll destroy our children. We’ll never see the third generation.”

    “We could be guilty of 2nd and 3rd degree murder if we cook vegetables that should be. Beets don’t hav to be cooked, but just cut up small. Millet does need to cooked however. We should eat the whole apple to get the B-17 from the seeds. Chew them well. It is impossible to get cancer with B-17. We must chew our food properly.”

    “No cheese. Throw that hard cheese out. We don’t eat it. You can’t get a good Jew to eat it. It’s bad for your system.”

    “Honoring those who are over you, those who are honorable (especially parents) releases a special hormone from your brain, permeating your body, that gives long life. If you don’t do this that hormone dries up and your bones dry up. The disobedient don’t live long. The life span of a homosexual is about 40 years. This is not because of AIDS. They die of a bad conscience.”

    “The word Christian has come to mean ‘an adherent of Christ’, but what a joke.”

    Are the *supposed* problems in Germany about homeschooling? NO! Should we be worried about the court’s decision, well, I think folks need to look through glasses that don’t belong to H$LDA. If the World Court says that Germany has a right to make its own laws, seems to me that sets a precedence for them to say that the U.S. has a right to make their own laws. Oops, that won’t help with the membership drive. Bad Lynda for looking at that from a logical point of view!

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    September 29th, 2006
    at 1:09 am

    That’s “Team Black Helicopter” please Daryl. I was hunting around for hints on the Germany issue and didn’t find anything about cheese being outlawed either. Now I’m really quitting the German lessons. Lynda, could you please share your sources on this German tribe?

    Those guys aside, I do feel it isn’t our right to tell Germany what laws to make. But I also have read a bit about their education laws and have attended school there myself. Their laws are somewhat similar to our own-districts decided what constitutes education, even though education is compulsory. While there will be crackpots in every country, I don’t think that means we should say it is justifiable to outlaw something which we consider a form of freedom in our own country. I am saying only this, I have sympathy for people who would like to homeschool their children and are not allowed to do so, wherever they live. That said, I do think the reporting by interest groups here is a bit slanted and I know there is little we can do to change the laws of other lands. So, I guess the argument is purely academic for most of us and has little to do with the mindset of the German people on the matter.

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    October 1st, 2006
    at 12:26 am

    It frustrates me to no end that the same people who are all “The UN can’t tell the US what to do” want American homeschoolers to petition our government to put pressure on a sovereign state to get them to change their homeschooling law. I’m no logic expert, but that just ain’t right! We would be appalled if the German government took it upon themselves to tell the US that we were ruining our youth by allowing homeschooling to flourish, but we have the right to tell them what to do? Ridiculous! I am totally a conservative Christian, and right-leaning but (as with the above post), please do NOT lump me in with the ‘Christian Right’. These people are going off the deep end!

    I guess Lynda’s information brings up another thought to my mind — should only people with ‘normal’ teachings be allowed to homeschool? I mean, if these people were in the US, as long as they weren’t breaking any laws they would be free to homeschool. Is it any better that they’re being persecuted (their word) for their religious beliefs — as utterly repulsive as they are — than if they were being persecuted for homeschooling? In the US, I’d like to think they’d be free to practice either.

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    October 2nd, 2006
    at 1:56 pm

    We all know what sick things their public schooling did to their children in times past.