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    OK, how many of y’all knew that Al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Yahiye Gadahn (aka Azzam the American) was home educated? Me, neither.

    In the late 1970s, Phil Pearlman took a crucial turn, changing his name to Seth Philip Gadahn and moving his wife, Jennifer, and Adam to 60 acres of land his parents owned in Riverside County. …

    The life he chose was decidedly different, one free from even the most basic conveniences. The 10-by-10-foot wooden shack Gadahn built on the side of a hill had no running water and no electricity, with an outhouse nearby. He raised goats, running a few hundred on his land, and sold the meat to a Muslim market in Los Angeles…

    But the goat farming didn’t prove profitable for Seth Gadahn, so he became a handyman to support his growing family. After Adam, the Gadahns had two girls and a boy, and they home-schooled their four children.

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