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    The Fayetteville Observer needs a new Editorial Page editor, too. One who won’t write idiocy like this:

    If you live in or commute to Cumberland County, you might be pulled over and questioned this fall. Your license tag may be photographed as you zip down Interstate 95. The camera may catch you again on the return trip. Don’t worry about it.

    The comprehensive travel survey commissioned by the Fayetteville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization has a purpose, but the purpose is neither prosecution nor persecution.

    There is no reasonable expectation of privacy, outside the vehicle, for someone tooling down a public highway. You’re already subject to surveillance by radar and by red-light cameras, both of which can entail legal consequences. So let’s not be gulled into a bogus “Big Brother” debate about widely used techniques that will yield nothing more grievous than data useful to the very people who will be studying all those comings and goings.

    Pulled over?! They’d better not pull me over and then start (politely) asking survey questions, as they will definitely not like the (impolite) answers.

    I hope this is just bad writing. If not, we’ll need new leadership as well as a new editor.

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    September 30th, 2006
    at 12:44 pm

    In social minded Portland OR around the holidays the police and some volunteers have nothing better to do buy go around to mall parking lots, check what’s in your car and leave you a note itemizing all the things a thief could take. Just to make you aware of your ‘safety’, you know.

    Fortunately for them, we’ve never been one of their targets. Otherwise someone would have gotten a stern lecture on the 4th Amendment.