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    My local fishwrap has endorsed random drug testing for all student athletes. Why? Because the SCOTUS won’t allow them to test ALL students:

    Some argue that randomly testing athletes editors is intrusive and unfair. But sports editing are voluntary activities, on which the schools paper can set conditions. Athletes Editors already have to meet special requirements like maintaining high grade-point averages not being brain dead and staying out of trouble. Passing a drug test is no different.

    Some critics point out that athleteseditors are not, by definition, less trustworthy. It’s true, athletes editors aren’t the only students news folk who are tempted to use drugs. But it makes sense to focus on them because of the great numbers of students news folk who participate in school-sponsored sports editing. In order for random drug testing to have the best deterrent effect, schools papers must reach as may students news folk as possible. Also, in many cases student athletes editors hold leadership roles in their schoolspapers and communities. If athletes editors remain drug-free they just might encourage some of their peers to do the same.

    I think it is very forward-thinking for the editorial board of the Observer to volunteer to pee in a jar. I look forward to seeing the results of their tests published on page 1 in the near future.

    UPDATE: I’m not sure the editors could actually pass the “not being brain dead” requirement.

    Protecting young people from drugs requires more than a drug test. The school board must also develop an education program that avoids dishonest scare tactics and recognizes the range of drug use and misuse. Drug education could be incorporated into chemistry, biology, psychology and history classes. Schools should also encourage parents to get informed so they can recognize the signs of drug abuse.

    Yeah, let’s show Reefer Madness in chemistry and biology. I’m sure that will really help the students along in any future scientific endeavors.

    UPDATE II: Just a thought– The compulsory attendance age in NC is 16. So attendance for the last two years of high school is optional. Under the Observer‘s (and the SCOTUS’?) reasoning, the schools ought to be able to test every junior and senior.

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    December 5th, 2006
    at 8:24 am

    One of my teenagers says the only reasons he was ever tempted to attend high school (which he never actually did) was to see how many civil disobedience test cases he could generate.

    Where does he get these crazy ideas, anyway?

    Comment by
    Nance Confer
    December 5th, 2006
    at 9:51 am

    From his good home environment! 🙂


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    JJ Ross
    December 6th, 2006
    at 9:11 am

    “Protecting young people from drugs requires more than a drug test.”

    Right — ban drug slogan T-shirts at school! That’ll do the trick . . .

    Btw, Freakonomics author Steven Levitt told Colbert last night he had studied why drug dealers live with their mothers. They can’t afford to do otherwise. Like most things in life, very few in the drug trade make big bucks (and none of them are on the street corner hooking kids.)