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    Thanks a lot to the federal government and to the idiots on the School Board:

    Cumberland County students will have to agree to take a drug test next year before they join a sports team or some extracurricular groups.

    The county Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to start a random drug testing program in the high schools.

    …The school system has received a four-year, $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to conduct the tests.

    …Board member Frank Barrigan said he would like to see reports on whether the drug tests are effective. In four years, the board will have to decide whether it wants to spend its own money to continue drug testing.

    Evidently, the only smart ones in this whole debacle are the kids, who recognize it for the privacy invasion it is.

    HS football is BIG BUSINESS down here. I wonder what would happen if every football player in the county refused to be tested. Games would be canceled or forfeited. Alumni (and the businesses which cater to them) would go nuts. I’d bet the Board would back down from an organized civil disobedience.

    Kids should “Just Say No” to testing.

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    Nance Confer
    December 13th, 2006
    at 11:26 am

    Of all kinds.

    There was a handful of posts on the MothersAgainstWASL Yahoo list recently about a proposed walkout by WASL opposers.

    More walkouts, more strikes, more refusals — maybe that would get someone’s attention.


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    December 13th, 2006
    at 2:12 pm

    It speaks volumes about School that it takes one of the few elements of School that shows any likelihood of distracting certain kids from drug use (or at least as much of it, by virtue of at least occupying some of their time with some sort of physical or intellectual activity), and makes it into an even *less* attractive proposition for those kids.

    It may be that at least some of the students who, under this policy, will refrain from joining School-sponsored teams and clubs will refrain on philosophical grounds (regardless of whether they use drugs or not). But one begins to wonder whether this trend toward rewarding any youthful display of initiative and interest with evidence-collecting mightn’t actually be a deliberate, calculated component of the whole self-perpetuation cycle known as The War on Drugs (aka The Campaign For the Guaranteed Continued Employment of Social Workers, Welfare Office Clerks, SWAT Teams, and Prison Guards).