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    Melissa Wiley shoots and scores:

    A carnival host will spend hours just reading the submitted posts. It would be impossible for a host—a volunteer, not to mention a busy homeschooling parent—to comb through the archives of every participating blog, searching for “objectionable” content.

    Besides, my idea of “objectionable” may not line up with yours. On my blog, I get to spout about things to which I object (dumbing-down, Shrek, and unlabeled mockolate, for example) and things of which I heartily approve (such as, say, my husband, who occasionally uses “objectionable” language, and who is going to mock me for calling him a “thing”—but who keeps me well supplied with real, not mock, chocolate).

    So, gentle readers, be warned. I can’t guarantee you’ll all approve of everything contained in the blogs participating in this carnival.

    In fact, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t approve of every thought expressed below—because homeschoolers are a diverse and opinionated bunch.

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