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    I believe the psychologists call this projection:

    The time for polite debate is over. Militant, atheist writers are making an all-out assault on religious faith and reaching the top of the best-seller list, a sign of widespread resentment over the influence of religion in the world among nonbelievers.

    Christopher Hitchens’ book, “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” has sold briskly ever since it was published last month, and his debates with clergy are drawing crowds at every stop.

    Sam Harris was a little-known graduate student until he wrote the phenomenally successful “The End of Faith” and its follow-up, “Letter to a Christian Nation.” Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” and Daniel Dennett’s “Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon” struck similar themes _ and sold.


    The Rev. Douglas Wilson, senior fellow in theology at New Saint Andrews College, a Christian school in Moscow, Idaho, sees the books as a sign of secular panic. Nonbelievers are finally realizing that, contrary to what they were taught in college, faith is not dead, he says.

    Signs of believers’ political and cultural might abound.

    Religious challenges to teaching evolution are still having an impact, 80 years after the infamous Scopes “Monkey” trial. The dramatic growth in homeschooling and private Christian schools is raising questions about the future of public education. Religious leaders have succeeded in putting some limits on stem-cell research.

    Kitzmiller killed ID for the next 5 years. Homeschooling’s growth has slowed to a crawl. Private schools have been stuck at around 10 percent for decades. And several states are thumbing their noses at the federal government and funding stem cell research programs.

    But the “secularists” are the ones who are running scared. Riiiiight.


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    May 27th, 2007
    at 8:29 pm

    I think you’re right, Daryl.

    But hey, that sectarian division instigated in Iraq worked so well maybe they’ve decided to bring it here.

    Tell me true … as a Christian, do I scare you?


    Didn’t think so. Nary a flicker.

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    May 27th, 2007
    at 8:42 pm

    They do seem to have the atheist biology professor in MN subculture pretty well terrified.

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    May 27th, 2007
    at 9:48 pm

    Real Christians don’t terrorize people.

    But the Faux Noise type might. YMMV

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    May 29th, 2007
    at 7:04 am

    They’re real christians alright. Just because I don’t like my inbred relations from Boonyville who consider violent feuds a family bonding activity doesn’t mean they’re not part of my family. 🙂

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    May 29th, 2007
    at 11:04 am

    Hey, I’ve got em in my family, too.

    That’s how I know they watch Faux Noise.
    ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’ that’s my motto.
    actions speak louder than words.