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    E-MAIL Woo-hoo! All sorts of neat stuff coming in via email. “Jay Van Nostrand, Homeschooling Parent ” pointed to a letter about changing school starting times. One graf caught my attention as it appears the author may need another dose of Kool-Aid:

    And it’s true that the school administration knows more about how best to provide education than do parents, whose views tend to be sharply focused on their own children and those children’s needs, not the student body as a whole. Finally, it’s true that selling change to your customers can be time-consuming and expensive, and if you operate what is pretty close to a monopoly, you may not be motivated to sell your customers. After all, what choice do they have?

    Come on. You’re almost there. Just follow the logic. It is a monopoly and they don’t care about your kid. But you are not the customer. You are just a “stoooopid” parent PITA who complains about things by writing Letters to the Editor. The customers might be the teacher’s union or maybe the bus driver’s union. Or perhaps the state DOE. Whoever can make the administrators lives’ more difficult- they are the “customers”.

    So, the administration (who, BTW, probably knows less about real education than you think) doesn’t care about your kid or your life. They really don’t want your input but will go through the motions for the sake of the next bond issue vote. The only solution is to get out. Trust me- that will make them happier, too.

    CORRECTION: Jay Van Nostrand pointed out that the link is to an editorial, not a Letter to the Editor. Same difference.

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