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    YOU SAY POTATO Just as our Kindergartens and pre-K’s are becoming more-and-more academically rigorous, Singapore is heading in the exact opposite direction:

    All pre-schoolers will soon be taught through play, activity, discovery and experiment – methods already in use at many private kindergartens here.

    …Pre-school teachers say the new programme may produce children who do not write or colour as neatly as the typical PCF [public school] product.

    But it is likely to turn out more confident children, eager to learn and able to communicate easily with teachers and classmates alike.

    I think this is a perfect example of my problem with the schools. One of these two government school systems is wrong. Either 5-year-olds learn best by playing and being kids or by being good little drones sitting at their desks doing worksheets (Does my bias show through here?) But, that doesn’t stop the educrats from plowing ahead at full speed. I imagine that the truth lies somewhere in between: Some kids will prosper with withsheets while others need to play. One size clearly does not fit all. This is why homeschooling works so well. We can tailor the “school” to the kids, instead of the other way around.

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