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    FIRST AMENDMENT UPDATE The straight-A student who was facing suspension for for making a racist remark on the internet has been granted a reprieve. He will not be suspended.

    Houston Independent School District spokeswoman Heather Browne said the school backed away from suspending Huang because officials wanted to protect his right to free speech…

    Nonetheless, Browne said, the principal could have suspended Huang based on a provision in the student conduct code that prohibits any activity that disrupts class.

    “The fact that what he wrote was copied and distributed was technically a disruption of the educational day,” she said.

    Huang has been ordered to write an apology.

    Huang, who did not attend classes Tuesday, said he agreed to write a statement for teachers to hand out in class.

    Let me get this straight. He faced suspension because something he wrote was copied and handed out in the school, thus disrupting the class. Yet, he is being ordered to write something that will be copied and handed out by the teachers, thus disrupting the class. Makes sense to me!

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