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    The wingnut WEBCommentary:

    On the afternoon of October 12 California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger caved in to radical homosexuals and signed a bill that could force government run schools to accommodate children with “gender identity” issues by permitting them to use the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, depending on which gender they choose to identify with at that time. Does this not make you want to homeschool your kids? If you live in Sodomfornia you’d better start now, before your child is robbed of his or her innocence.

    How many transgendered kids are going to shower in the “wrong” locker. Just not going to happen. And if a transgendered kid uses the bathroom, so what? Are the straight kids going to see something they shouldn’t? A female is still going to have to use the stalls even if he identifies as a male [Can someone please help me out here with the proper language? I’m trying NOT to be insulting.] And if a male goes in the girls’ bathroom, she won’t have any choice but to use a stall.

    There are lots of good reasons to home educate. Fear of transgendered kids using the “wrong” bathroom just isn’t one of them.

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    October 23rd, 2007
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    The wingnuts evidently believe that “transgendered” means “boy pretending to be girls” and “girls pretending to be boys”.

    The truth is that transgendered kids are frequently neither male nor female. Their genitals may not match their hormones, their genitals may not be “fully developed”, or they may have been subjected to early surgery based on the opinion of a doctor and/or their parents as to what gender they “probably” are (or can most easily be passed off as.”

    For children (and adults, but especially children) gender should not be the major issue that our society claims it is. There’s a much wider overlap between “masculine” and “femine” than most people are willing to admit. The wingnuts are somehow terrified of this overlap. G-d forbid a boy should knit a scarf, or a girl want to be a carpenter.

    And all public bathrooms should have more privacy.

    (I know of one transgendered disability advocate who uses “xyr” and “xym” in place of “his/her” and “him/her”. It’s not much used outside of his circle of advocates, however.)