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    JERK! What makes this Univ. of Wisconsin professor an expert worth quoting?

    “I support the right of people to educate their own children, but I strongly believe it has very negative effects on society,” Apple said. “I would not want home-schoolers to be admitted [to college] with any less evidence over another student.”

    …He noted the problems with standardized tests being that any student could theoretically take test preparation courses and receive a high score, which does not necessarily qualify an individual for admittance. He did stress, however, the importance of using a wider array of evidence in admissions decisions when dealing specifically with home-schooled students.

    Test-prep courses are that good? This should be news to the psychometricians in the audience.

    In a way, I agree with the professor. With the exception of transcripts/diplomas (which are meaningless), hold homeschoolers to the same admissions criteria as the public-school graduates. I have no fear that on a level playing field, homeschoolers will shine.

    For a bonus quote, we have this:

    UW professor Beth M. Graue oversees admissions within the School of Education and said she has never seen an application of a student who was home-schooled during their high school years. However, she strongly believes that the “very same criteria” should be used when deciding whether to admit a student to the university regardless if he or she has been home-schooled or not.

    There’s probably a reason that the Ed School doesn’t get any homeschoolers. Maybe because the kids are too smart to fall into the public-school morass?

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