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    WELCOME TO THE REAL, REAL WORLD Eva Tushnet at JWR posted a nice column on the “S”-word. Here’s a sample.

    Homeschooling, by contrast, enmeshes students in the real “real world,” where there are babies to be fed, where people still recall the Great Depression, and where every stage of life and learning is represented. Homeschooling avoids the monolithic teen-culture, providing a wide array of models for kids to emulate. Natural hierarchies like age and experience are much more evident, and so there is less pressure to form hierarchies based on superficial or damaging attributes. Children whose better qualities or talents are overlooked by their peers are likely to find that other age groups are more open to what they have to offer–for example, a shy boy might blossom when teaching a younger student; a girl who often seems defensive and snobby might mellow when she finds an adult who appreciates her intellectual talents.

    Defintely worth a read.

    UPDATE: OK, so I’m slow. Isabel Lyman blogged this one the other day.

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