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    In Fayetteville, this one would spark a barrage of LttE in response.

    Roy Sutton’s letter Feb. 3 says, “The goal for the public school should be to put Jesus Christ back in our schools.”

    Christ has no place in public schools other than in the hearts and minds of Christians inside them. Placing Christ in public schools would be discriminatory toward anyone Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, non-believing or a member of the hundreds of other religions. Those who feel religion should be intertwined with education should send their children to a private school or home school.

    A major assumption Mr. Sutton made in responding to a letter from Donna Park (Jan. 22) was that her grandchildren were being home-schooled for religious reasons. This may indeed be the case, but parents home school for many reasons, of which religion is only one.

    Making the decision to home school would be a tough one to make and even tougher to keep up with. I respect any parents who is willing to commit the time and energy to educating their children for whatever reason that may be.

    I agree wholeheartedly that parents have ultimate responsibility for their children’s education. All parents should take an active role in their children’s lives regarding both education and religion.

    The public education system works well for most, but teaching religion to children is a personal decision to be made by each set of parents and not one that should be dictated by the schools.

    The next time anyone feels the need to write a letter imposing their Christian views on others, replace the name “Christ” with the name “Allah” and re-read what you wrote. Freedom of religion applies to all, which is why Christ or any other god doesn’t belong in the schools.

    LEE TIBBETTS, Auburn

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