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    Ahhh– never mind:

    State Sen. DiAnna Schimek of Lincoln has proposed a bill to recast Nebraska’s generally loose regulations over home-school students.

    Her bill would require home-school students to take state-mandated tests or have their schoolwork assessed by an outside evaluator. If students’ progress falls short academically, they would be sent to public or private schools.


    Nebraska’s home-school families have mobilized against Legislative Bill 1141, which will have a public hearing Tuesday before the Education Committee.

    For all the debate spawned by the bill, it stands little chance of becoming law. By Tuesday, the Legislature will be halfway into its short session. The bill also lacks the priority tag that gives bills the best chance of being debated by the full Legislature.

    If it does pass, Gov. Dave Heineman has said he will veto the measure.

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    February 26th, 2008
    at 7:29 pm

    Effectively dead, but not really over, either. Given the amount of support the bill appears to have, it will likely come up again next session. Not this bill, because it cannot carry over, but something related. It looks like with relatively minor amendments (including a remediation clause and having the oversight funded by the state), a rather large number of senators will likely support it. Perhaps even the governor.