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    WORLD: Do you think that the homeschooling movement would have grown the way it has if so many intelligent design advocates hadn’t been expelled from academia?

    STEIN: No, and I think the recent case out of California [where a judge made it illegal to homeschool without a teaching credential] and the teachers unions reactions to it suggest that homeschooling is very threatening to the academic establishment because it is a threat to the scientific/Darwinist/state orthodoxy.

    To an extent, he’s right. Homeschooling’s growth in the late ’80s and early ’90s was fueled, to a large extent, by anti-science luddites who couldn’t tell you in even the vaguest terms what evolutionary theory (not Darwinism, BTW) is really about. But that doesn’t make homeschooling a threat to the “scientific/Darwinist/state orthodoxy.” It just makes all homeschoolers, and that includes the thinking/evolved variety, look like idiots. Guilt by association sucks.

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