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    This is too funny.

    The latest issue of Gospel Today has been removed from the shelves of LifeWay Christian Stores.

    This month’s cover story of Gospel Today features five female senior pastors.

    LifeWay Christian Resources is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention. According to the denomination’s statement of faith, the Baptist Faith and Message, the role of a pastor is reserved for men.

    God forbid (pun intended) that Southern Baptists should see women who are (ZOMG!) preachers.

    As an aside, I have a new favorite website. Onenewsnow.com is daily chock full of religious lunacy.

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    September 24th, 2008
    at 9:35 pm

    Gotta hide the nudity and female preachers behind the counter… so just where does that leave the SBC re the McCain/Palin “dream” ticket?
    I blogged about their uncomfortable squirming today, too.