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    MONTANA LETTER Here’s a good letter to the editor concerning the proposed MT homeschholing regs.

    Montanans speak up for home schooling

    On Feb. 12, swarms of parents and home-schooled children gathered at the Capitol in the old Supreme Court Chambers to get a firsthand view of the workings of a government that is for the people and by the people. And whom do they have to thank for this unique lesson? Sen. Don Ryan.

    Ryan introduced a bill to the Education Committee Feb. 12 that would mandate that home-schooled children participate in the standardized state testing. In an introduction that lasted almost 50 minutes, he assured his support of home-schooling for the first 10 minutes and proceeded to demonize the institution in his following 40 minutes. Following this lengthy oration, the chairman called for testimonies from the proponents of this bill.

    You could have heard a pin drop.

    Though the chamber was packed tighter than a sardine can with more than 400 persons, not a soul stirred to side with Ryan.

    When the chairman called for the testimonies of the opponents, more than 100 people formed a line that extended outside the chamber doors and down the hall.

    The Republican platform states: “We oppose any efforts to limit academic freedom of choice by state regulation of church, private or home schools.” President Bush firmly echoed that position when he required that home schoolers be exempt from “No Child Left Behind” testing requirements.

    Today we are proud to enjoy a tremendous victory for all Montanans and especially parents in having the freedom to determine and choose the best education possible for their children, whether that be public, private or home school. We rejoice that the “silent majority” was not silent today and thank them for raising their voice.

    Jan and Jim Helgeson

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