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    JOHNNY CAN’T READ Here’s an article out of Canada that seems to be mistitled: How the schools wage war on boys The main point is that schools are doing a poor job of teaching reading and that boys, in particular, are not being well served. They make some good points about teaching phonics and really rag on the edu-babblers:

    In Ontario, the education ministry at first proposed to define the problem away by relaxing the standards for the applied students. Meantime, among the education theorists, the definition of literacy itself remains in flux. Many of them are still wedded to the idea of “multiple literacies,” which is the peculiar notion that some people can be literate without knowing how to read and write.

    This may strike the layperson as bizarre. But in current education theory, the whole idea of “literacy” is subjective. It is a “social-cultural construct” that, in the words of one recent study, ought to take into account not only gender issues, but also “cultural and linguistic diversity” as well as “unequal relations of power, class, race and ethnicity.”

    This language comes from education researchers Heather Blair and Kathy Sanford, who also want to define the problem away. The problem isn’t that boys are illiterate, they argue, but that they demonstrate their literacy in ways the current curriculum doesn’t assess. “We need to deepen our understanding of the subjectivity of literacies for both boys and girls, given the socio-cultural configurations from which they emerge,” they write. To encourage boys to get more involved with learning, they suggest putting video games and Pokemon in the schools.

    I love the Pokemon part but the edu-crats are at least two years behind the times. Pokemon is dead- Yu-Gi-Oh rules!

    BTW- we’re in the process of teaching our younger daughter to read. Lydia chose the Explode the Code series and we really like the program. Of course, YMMV. Click here for several reviews.

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