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    Dumb advice AND a dumb text error:

    An environment in the home should be set up for conductive learning. Teaching your child to read in the middle of a family room may not be the best setting and could be disruptive to learning. Choosing a room to devote to educational means and for storing school-related material is important. Children learn that this room is for school and the rest of the family home is for socializing and play.

    How you set up your home-schooling room is important as well. The room should be one in a quiet area without disruptive noises or distractions. The area should be kept press release format and neat at all times, and children should be taught to put away their materials and books after working with them. This behavior taught in a public school system is good to practice in home-schooling environments as well.

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    “home-schooling room”


    I guess we should have had a dress code, too.