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  • CLUELESS Dearborn, MI is

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    CLUELESS Dearborn, MI is facing a budget crisis and is cutting teachers. One proposal has 1st and 2nd graders sharing a room (and teacher). At least one parent is unhappy:

    Amber Lucas, a Dearborn mother of six, said she would rather home-school her children than see them in classrooms with students of a different grade level.

    “Every kid deserves the chance to be a first-grader, not a second-grader,” Lucas said. “That’s not right. I’ll pull all six of my children out of Dearborn.”

    Well, unless Ms. Lucas is the mother of sextuplets, she’ll have more than one grade at home. That’s not right!

    UPDATE: Tammy McQuoid (no perma-link) picked up the same story. I swear, I didn’t peak at her blog first- even though she did beat me by 20 minutes. I guess we’re psychotic. I mean, psychic.

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