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    A REAL HOMESCHOOL DAY We started out a rainy Good Friday heading for the Franklin Institute in Philly. Apparently, everyone else in the Delaware Valley had the same idea, so we bagged it in favor of the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester, PA. Way cool! It’s probably the ideal museum for homeschooling families. The little ones get to climb in-and-out of the ‘copters, and the volunteers have a lot of scientific and engineering experience to share with the older kids. After the museum, we went to the Simon Pearce glassblowing workshop. The kids were fascinated; we had to drag Chelsea away kicking and screaming. The price was right, too- it’s a freebie.

    Click on the pictures for a larger view.

    Anthony, Katelyn, Chelsea and Jonathan get ready for a mission in a V-22 Osprey.

    Cue “Suicide is Painless (The Theme from M*A*S*H).”

    The kids got a quick lesson from the glassblower. I’ll be putting in their applications for the Glassblowing courses at Salem Community College on Monday.

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