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    A family moved into a new townhouse designed specifically for their wheelchair-bound daughter. Unfortunately, the home was a few feet on the other side of the boundary line for the school district where their son had been enrolled. Not to worry, the educrats have an answer:

    Butler County Commissioner Michael Fox has sent a letter to Fairfield Superintendent Robert Farrell protesting his decision not to grant an exemption to the Godseys.”Aside from it being heartless, it’s just stupid,” Fox said. “Schools are supposed to keep the interest of the child central to their mission. There’s no reason on earth those children should go through the disruption.”

    In an e-mail to Fox, Farrell said he would consider enrolling the Godseys if he received assurance this week they would move into a unit in the Fairfield side of the complex.

    To quote Instapundit: “Cut his pay and send him home.”

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