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    It sure sounds like that’s what this Democratic candidate for MA’s legislature said:

    A tax credit for seniors based on local education spending is another idea Sannicandro said he would like to bring to Beacon Hill. He models it after a law passed in New York state.

    “(In New York) if you are 65, you get an automatic tax credit,” he said. “Beyond that, it is based on income.

    “It allows seniors to stay in their homes, and it also helps school districts because it prevents massive (housing) turnover that result in families with kids moving in.”

    Yeah, those families with kids (especially those large Catholic families in Boston) are a real PITA. I know. He probably didn’t mean it the way it reads.

    Personally, though, I’d vote for the Libertarian candidate:

    “Republicans talk about smaller government and lower taxes but they don’t deliver,” Doherty said.

    …Doherty, a Framingham South High School graduate, is a trained engineer, but also works as a personal trainer and a fire-arms instructor.

    If he makes it to Beacon Hill, Doherty said one of his first moves would be to propose ending the state income tax.

    “I would propose it and work for it,” he said. “Realistically, I would try to hammer away at government waste.”

    Some of his other proposals differ greatly from what Democrats and Republicans have been pushing, including his ideas on schools and guns.

    “I would like to privatize schools,” Doherty said. “They would charge tuition, just like a college. You pay for the services you use.”

    Parents could choose to home school their children, Doherty said, and people could donate to groups that set up scholarships for children whose families cannot afford tuition.

    The state gun laws, Doherty said, should be relaxed so more people can use their Second Amendment rights.

    “They talk about the right to bare arms, but in Massachusetts it’s a right you have to beg for,” Doherty said. “After you have gone through the background check, pay the fee and the training, the local police chief can deny the license.”

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