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    One of the cutest scenes in the movie “Kindergarten Cop” was when Arnold finally got all the kids to lie down and take a nap. Well, that scene could not be performed in Anne Arundel schools; they’ve banned naps for the full day kindergartners.

    “Five-year-olds are out of naptime as far as maturity goes,” she said. “They don’t need it. Four-year-olds are going to be tired.”

    That’s a pretty sweeping generalization. At least two of our four were routinely taking naps at five. Anecdotal? Sure. But at least as valid as the claim that 5-year-olds don’t need to nap.

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    September 27th, 2004
    at 6:12 pm

    I wish somebody would order me to take a nap everyday. I would gladly comply!

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    September 27th, 2004
    at 6:16 pm

    So ordered.

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    September 27th, 2004
    at 6:44 pm

    Oh my goodness, another ethnically biased practice;-) I’d bet there are siestas for children in Mexican schools at that age.

    Besides, when my 5yo went to public school kindergarten he was mentally exhausted by the novelty and the stress of it and started taking naps (at school) for the first time. I guess if the teachers are ready to deal with crankiness and the discipline problems that go with it they can replace naps with whatever profoundly important academics that five year olds must learn. What am I saying? They will just label all the cranky kids with some medicatable psychological disorder.

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    September 28th, 2004
    at 12:54 am

    But isn’t sleep deprivation a wonderful tool for indoctrination?

    ARGH! Another MD educrat was quoted earlier in the year as saying, “We’re not going to work them like six year olds.” That was an interesting visual.

    Dy, who still has quiet time (or nap time if they doze) for all three of her boys (and herself when she can get it)

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    Eric Holcombe
    September 28th, 2004
    at 8:18 am

    OT: CED, when UPS started doing business in Puerto Rico, the siesta was a definite cultural hurdle for big brown – so was beer with lunch.