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    The editor liked my “informed outrage.”

    County’s response disregards tainted water

    The Observer’s recent editorial on the lack of action from the panel appointed to study the county water situation was spot on. If anything, the editors went too easy on the bureaucrats.

    We can all recall how responsive the county commissioners seemed to be during the Observer’s excellent series on water quality in February. It was truly amazing how the series started on Sunday, and by the end of the week there was a brand spanking new blue-ribbon panel that was going to study the problem and quickly make recommendations. Our tax dollars finally at work.

    The panel then immediately went into hibernation until mid-May, when an Observer reporter began asking about the lack of progress. Amazingly, that very week the second meeting was held. We learned that they had some grandiose plans, including an interactive map of the contaminated sites in the county.

    Color me unimpressed.

    We do not need to be spending time and money on gewgaws. A map drawn on the back of a napkin should suffice. We ought to be spending our time figuring out how to get water to the folks down in Southpointe and in the other areas facing contaminated wells. We ought to be able to observe what this panel is doing. And we, the residents of Cumberland County, ought to have community representation on the panel so that, possibly, the bureaucrats would remember that real people are facing real poisoned wells.

    I’m sure the Southpointers would drink to that.

    Daryl Cobranchi

    Today’s lead editorial (written by that same editor) is also on the same topic. The ol’ one-two punch.

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