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    Mary Ann Lauer is right about only one thing here. Rush Limbaugh is quite intelligent (compared to her).

    Popularity not worth appearing weak

    The world doesn’t “like” us any better. They liked us fine before. They just need to be reminded. Ask a Frenchman if he speaks German, and if he says “no,” reply “You’re welcome.” Remind him of the 60,757 Americans buried in France, giving their lives to restore France’s freedom. The same throughout Europe: There are more than 104,000 American serviceman buried there. All we asked in return was a place to bury our dead. How many French, Dutch, Italians, Belgians or Brits are buried on U.S. soil, defending us against our enemies?

    We don’t ask for praise, but we don’t need to apologize, which is what our president did on his recent trip overseas. And that deserves a peace prize? He has made us appear weak so, of course, they like us. Many other deserving people who have been mentioned in other letters have been passed over for this honor.

    How about Obama staying home and making us feel better about ourselves? Do we really care if the other countries like us? They want our money, they want to come to our country and not learn our language, and still accept our charity here also.

    It may be that Rush Limbaugh speaks the truth you are afraid to hear. He’s really quite intelligent and undeserving of name-calling.

    Also the “motivational” speech given to school children? The final speech was totally different than originally planned. It was changed after many parents complained upon hearing it.

    Mary Anne Lauer
    Foxfire Village

    If I remember my WWII history correctly, the war started in 1938 and we immediately jumped in on the Allies’ side. What’s that? You say we didn’t get into the war in Europe until almost 4 years later when Germany declared war on us? And that we were officially neutral while Germany took France? But I thought we were Europe’s savior.

    As for Obama’s speech being changed after many parents complained upon hearing it, I call “Bullshit!” Many parents complained about what the super-genius Limbaugh and his dittoheads thought was in it. That’s a completely different animal.

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