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Leigh Bortins, founder and CEO of Classical Conversations argues that her $1M+ after tax income is not enough. She appears to think that she deserves a tax break. And she implies that cutting her taxes in half would allow her to hire an additional 10 employees.

Leigh Bortins, for example, owns a startup business selling homeschooling education curriculums and providing seminars for families. She files it as an S-Corp, meaning her business income is taxed at personal rates.

Bortins reports $1 million to $2 million in profit on her tax return each year, and she said the nearly $1 million she paid in taxes this year on her 2010 income could have allowed her to hire 10 more employees (at an average salary of $50,000) and she still could have given $500,000 in taxes to the government.

I guess they teach Voodoo Economics at her “school.”


Comment by
Nance Confer
October 2nd, 2011
at 8:28 am

How many homeschoolers does she have to scam into buying her crap to make that much money?

Comment by
October 2nd, 2011
at 2:20 pm

Wait, she made a million, and then PAID a million? Something in that statement does not make sense.

Comment by
October 2nd, 2011
at 2:33 pm

Yeah. Total bullshit. To pay $1M in taxes she’d have had to earn (profit) close to $3M and have a crappy accountant.

Comment by
JJ Ross
October 4th, 2011
at 12:54 am

Think her highly profitable HS curriculum includes math?

Comment by
October 12th, 2011
at 3:16 pm

Lots of sheeple out there.

Comment by
October 15th, 2011
at 7:06 pm

I think someone is badly in need of a remedial Math Course and they certainly need to hire a competent accountant.

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